Our Team

Hospitality Expertise backed by Experience.

Exec 'Team

Innovative marketing know-how along with decades of operational knowledge provide our clients with goal-driven, effective solutions, aimed at making the people we work with successful at what they do

Glenn Schmitt
Founder, President

Mark Vidano
Vice President, Premier Accounts

Ken Taylor
Vice President, Strategic Development

Jason Stone
Vice President, Operations

Partners in achievement.

Account Executive 'Team

Truly solid client relations has evolved to unique and bonding partnerships instrumental to the realization of limitless programs and deliverables that our clients regularly count on

Jeff Wetzel
Director, Premier Accounts

Shalane Patrick
Manager, Premier Accounts

Emily Yett
Beverage Services Specialist

Christine Smith-Hill
Sr. Manager, Premier Accounts

Laura Becraft
Manager, Premier Accounts

Anthony Espinoza
Merchandising & Event Specialist

Amber Jackson
Manager, Premier Accounts

Marirose Naing

Specialist, Premier Accounts

Joe Alfano
Manager, Premier Accounts

Jennifer Hurley
Premier Accounts Specialist

Delivering on the Promise.

Project Management 'Team

Project development begins with an idea and project management and Production ensures that each endeavor, product or project is successfully delivered to our clients

Kristy Barry
Director of Project Management

Kym Parsons
Specialist, Project Management

Kim Courtney
Manager, Traffic

Julie Inthasak
Coordinator, Project Management

Patricia Marquez
Production Manager

Ashley Orozco
Coordinator, Project Management

Jeff "JD" Davidson
Specialist, Project Management

Jason Anders
Copy Editor

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

Design 'Team

Responding to the specific needs of every client means the intellectual design of what's been asked for, but also providing our customers what's needed too.

Nick Martello
Director, Creative Services

Lupita Palacios

Stef Acosta Mohammadi

Brett Jasper

Gunnar Olson

Charlotte Woolfolk

Sara Olson

Aaron Sepsey

Web-based platforms that can be relied upon.


Our clients benefit from technology that's dedicated to making a digital experience as simple and seamless as possible. eCraft, our suite of technology services, has become instrumental in supporting the goals and objectives of many customers

Joshua Swinton
Manager, eCraft

Fast and accurate financial reporting.

Finance Administration

Seamless organization of client transactions, reporting, and deposit accounting is the primary focus of the Finance 'team.

Lori Cona
Senior Accounting Manager

Linda Terzic
Office Manager

Lisa Quinn
Accounting Specialist

Be Ho
Accounting Coordinator